Hoarding Disorder

What is Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding disorder is a mental health disorder in which the individual struggles with accumulating possessions and has difficulty getting rid of the items that they may no longer need. The often rapid accumulation of these possessions, whether by shopping, inheriting, or simply collecting, can lead to extreme clutter in the home which can make the living environment potentially hazardous to occupy. 

The individual struggling with hoarding disorder will suffer from intense anxiety at the thought or attempt of getting rid of their possessions, even if the items would be considered useless or of little value by the majority of others. Without treatment, hoarding disorder can impact the individual's daily functioning including hygiene and sleep. 

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Treatment Options

Individual Counseling

During individual counseling, we will work together to process any reasons for the hoarding behavior as well as any emotions or underlying core beliefs that can be contributing. In these sessions, items can be brought in to sort through and dispose with therapist support. Sessions may be be anywhere from once to three times per week although they may be longer in duration and more frequent if necessary.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is often used in conjunction with individual counseling since family support and education can be vital to treatment progress. Loved ones are given to space to express how the hoarding behavior impacts their lives and are taught ways to help and support the client in their treatment.

In-Home Counseling

Sometimes the extent of the hoarding behavior goes beyond the extend of what can be treated in an office setting. For these cases, the therapist will travel to your home to work with the client and family and provide support and guidance with decluttering and organizing the home.